Foundations Course

“Long lasting, sustainable change”, we’ve all heard it, we all know it, why is it so hard!!!

For the most part we understand that extreme diets don’t work, slow and steady wins the race, small consistent changes over time result in higher longterm success rates. Affirmations rewire the thinking. It takes 3 months to change habits. Rome wasn’t built in a day. The Universe has our back. But then why is it so hard to change our habits, even when we really want to? And why do we go back to our old ways, even after time has passed?

This course will help you:

To understand the root to your decision making or inability to do so.

Explain what cognitive dissonance is and why and how our brains trick us into doing things we don’t want to do.

Why willpower alone isn’t enough.

How to create a strong foundation and empower yourself to be strong enough to make long lasting changes.

How to create goals and plan out the steps to get there….and really get there.

How to realize what it is you ACTUALLY want and how what you thought you wanted may not have been it all along.

Why we are set up to fail and how to overcome that.

To really understand how you “tick” and figure out what works for you and you alone.

And to look at all areas of our life and begin to fill in the gaps where we are lacking in our fundamental mental, emotional and physical needs.

This is a virtual, support group format. I will provide daily educational content, inspiration and wisdom, homework assignments, guided introspection and gentle, yet effective motivation. This program is designed for anyone who has ever wanted to do anything in their lives whether it be lose weight, run a 5K, leave a job to begin a business, move to a new state and start over, or simply make more meals at home 🙂 ANYTHING!!

I hope you join us on this foundational journey. We will dig deep into your mind and begin to rewire your thinking so you can feel empowered to make the changes you want to make, to feel confident in your abilities and to get the support and encouragement everyone needs.

The cost of the three week program is $125. If you sign up with a friend you both receive a discount and pay only $99. Contact me to enroll in the next course.