Primary Nourishment

If achieving and MAINTAINING our ideal/desired weight was simply a mathematical formula, if it was truly just about numbers, then chronic dieting would not be the way we live our lives as a society.

When our lives are out of balance, we sometimes lean on food for support. We use convenience food because we’re busy. We use sugar and caffeine because we’re exhausted. We use alcohol for winding down at the end of a stressful day. We use chocolate because, well….let’s not mention chocolate. And we use big bowls of cheesy, soft, warm pasta because our day just plain sucked!

All of those habits are flags to me that something is out of whack. Trying to will ourselves not to eat those foods is a great attempt, but fleeting, and eventually we give in because we haven’t fixed the root of the problem

Primary Nourishment.

These are all of the things our life is made up of that light us up. The things that give us balance, fulfillment and purpose. This is where I spend a lot of time with my clients, before we ever even start to talk about what foods to eat or to avoid.

Relationships, hobbies, spirituality, movement, sleep, joy, creativity, education. When we aren’t focused on making those a part of our life, we feel empty. And we fill those voids with food.

Take a look at this slide, save it to your phone. Go to edit and place a dot in each spoke where you feel you land in that area. Close to the center says you’re totally unsatisfied and closer to the outer edge means “I’m good”. Connect the dots and see where you have some dips and dives. Those are the areas you can try to focus on to make your life feel more fulfilling and balanced.

Primary Nourishment Wheel

Once you’ve started to work on these areas, you may see patterns arise. You may notice that as your satisfaction with your creativity increases, your need for that nightly bowl of ice cream decreases. Or if you work on the physical activity slice, you may feel less stressed and not look for a glass of wine at the end of the night.

Working with me is so much more than a meal plan, calories in vs calories out and eliminating “Bad” foods from your diet. I make it a priority to really dig down deep and help you build this strong foundation to create significant, long lasting, healthy change.

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