As consumers, as people who eat, as people who watch the news or read magazines, as people who shop at grocery stores, we are bombarded with messages about how to be/eat/live “healthy” lifestyles. But what happens when those messages are conflicting? When one doctor says one thing is healthy and another claims the complete opposite […]

A few suggestions to bring whole health back into the picture, post pandemic, with a little grace and self care.

We’re in the thick of the fall season, Halloween is this week, the weather is blustery and grey one minute and crips and bright the next. Autumn in upstate NY means, hay rides, apple cider donuts, leaf peeping and bon fires. It’s really a wonderful time of year. I’ve mentioned that perhaps my favorite FOOD […]

What is happiness?

“In the absence of diet culture, ‘Intuitive Eating’ would just be called ‘Eating’. Our society has gone so far away from just eating that it seems like we don’t even know how anymore! Our mentality now is, unless we’re counting calories, tracking macros or on some sort of pre-defined diet then we’re essentially not dieting. […]

Gratitude has been a buzz word for quite a while now. “Be grateful, show gratitude, make a gratitude list each night before bed.” In theory this sounds lovely. It seems like focusing on the wonderful people, things and experiences in your life should really make you aware of how rich and fulfilling your life is. […]