It’s Labor Day weekend (I say with tears rolling down my face) I can’t believe summer is over! I hope you get one last weekend to spend time enjoying summer, friends, family and food before school begins again next week. I have the PERFECT dish to bring to any Labor Day pot luck picnic. It’s […]

These cookies are seriously incredible! I have made them for foodies, health nuts, kids, picky eaters and chocolate lovers and they get rave reviews each and every time. There are quite a few different variations of this recipe out there and I’ve finally created a combo that I think works best. After the recipe I […]

I’ve been talking a lot about “inflammation” lately. How chronic inflammation can lead to serious health issues, and make it nearly impossible to lose weight. When I suggest that someone begins to think about reducing the inflammation in their bodies, they nod their head because it’s something that we’ve heard again and again, but do […]

I give you permission…..seriously, just stop. This is going to be hard for most of us to swallow. It’s a huge shift from the diet culture we live in today. As a nation we have been counting calories for decades, right? It’s not working, right? Our bodies are getting bigger, not smaller. We’re tired. We’re […]

“I am a vibrant, healthy, energetic, full of life, happy, present and loving person. I love myself and I make decisions that are in alignment with my goals.” Can you feel that? Do you want to? If you were to envision your life AS IF you’ve already reached your goals, what would that feel like? […]

Earlier I wrote about the Beyond Burger and compared it to both beef and turkey burgers, nutritionally and from a processed foods stand point. I promised I would share my preferred burger. Again I’m not saying a vegetarian diet is “healthier” than someone’s who may eat meat, I do eat poultry and fish as well […]